What You Need To Know

Who can join ?

  • Anyone who can ride a bicycle can join our tours. To date, our youngest guest is 2 and the oldest is 72.

 What To Wear?

  • Something comfortable, and closed shoes or sandals is recommended.

 Camera & Pictures

  • Our guide is equipped with a digital camera, and will be shooting pics throughout the tour, which can be downloaded from our website.

 Safety & Comfort

  • Safety helmets, saddle bags and comfort seats available. As standard practice our guide is equipped with : First aid kit, Electrolyte, Sun block, Mosquito repellent, Rain coats, Maintenance kit, Snacks, Drinking water.


  • Tropical day temperatures range from 25-35c with some humidity. Bicycling in moderate tempo actually gives a nice refreshing breeze. If it rains, we will continue cycling (light rain - it's very nice actually), but will pause for shelter if visibility or safety is compromised. In this case your Guide will bring you to a safe place to rest and wait for the rain to subside (usually 30-40 minutes). Our Guide will bring light raincoats, which will be available for free upon request.


Classic Tour

Our most popular bicycle tour is a gentle sightseeing ride with plenty of stops and sights that gives you an insight in the local life on a tropical Island.


  •  Morning     start / Finish : 08:45 / 13:15

  • Afternoon    start / Finish : 08:45 / 13:15

  •  Distance : 17 KM


  •  Terrain : Paved Roads - Countryside -
    Dirt Track - Jungle Trails


  •  Sights : Coconut Processing Plant -
    Rubber Tree Plantation - Temple/Viewpoint - Herb Garden - Fresh Market


  •  Incl : Unlimited Drinking Water - Fruits & Snacks - Soft Drink/Beer - Local Whisky Tasting


  •  Age : 10 Year +

Morning : 1,200 ฿

Afternoon : 1,350 ฿

All tours starts from our headquarter in Thongsala
Pick up service is not included in the price (Check GENERAL INFO page)


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